The Strapping Lads Pin-ups

In 2019, I created a Dungeons & Dragons fan book called the Strapping Lads. This small book features twelve character profiles, one of each base class in the Player’s Handbook. Each profile contains character stats and information to help DM’s and players use these characters in their campaigns.

The Strapping Lads is an all-male adventurers’ guild that features a number of queer men. I set the guild in the Forgotten Realms setting to provide a familiar touchstone for D&D players, but I designed their backgrounds to fit into any fantasy campaign setting. I tried to ensure DM’s could easily replace details to fit their own games.

My inspiration came from magazines that featured model profiles. I wanted the book to feel like something that could exist in the game world. To do this, I gave each character a full page illustration and I described them through an “in-character” interview.

You can buy the Strapping Lads PDF on my Gumroad store!

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